My youngest, Kiley, has this new thing where she wants to be able to jump and touch the ceiling in my kitchen.  She started this a couple of months ago but was sort of lightly jumping.  She would walk into the kitchen, make herself some toast and while it was heating she would just try... Continue Reading →


Pictured above is myself, the Lead Singer of Saves The Day, and my buddy Jim after a very very long day and night in 2013....the camera was bad, it has nothing to do with the alcohol consumed... Back in 1998 my musical tastes consisted of whatever was popular or whatever was on the radio at... Continue Reading →

Cards and Death Penalties

Couple really cool things happened this weekend for me.  On Saturday we had an incredibly lazy day.  Sweatpants all day, one of those “did I even brush my teeth?” kind of days…. Oldest daughter actually went out after dinner for a bit, leaving the wife on the couch to watch a few Hallmark movies and... Continue Reading →

Fist Bumps

For as long as I can remember, the kids and I will fist bump each other when we are walking past one another.  It all started a long time ago, back when the kids were in car seats facing the rear of the car.  I would be driving and if I didn’t hear from them... Continue Reading →


My youngest daughter Kiley, who is 11, asks me about God all the time.  Do I believe? If I do, how do I know?  I try to be as honest as I can with my kids.  My wife really pushes honesty with them; she parents in a very open style.  I am a little more “hide... Continue Reading →

The Nurse

When I was super young my Mom was a nurse at a hospital, working night shifts and weird hours.  Then she would be up with me and my brother in the morning.  Looking back now I have absolutely no clue when she ever slept.  As my brother and I got to be school aged though my Mom switched from a... Continue Reading →

Steamy Stanton

  If you know me, you know I iron every piece of clothing I own before I wear it.  The wife and kids, and most normal people fluff their stuff in the dryer for a few minutes and look completely normal.  For me, I just can’t.  It is definitely something mental, a part of my daily routine.... Continue Reading →

Mr. Fix It

The word "In-Law’s” probably elicits some type of emotional response.  In tv, movies and such the in-laws are always these annoying people who you have to “deal” with once in a while.  I’m sure in real life for most, in-laws are great.   Or, if they are not, maybe you live far enough away that the... Continue Reading →

The table

Recently, we added a new room on our house and redid the kitchen.  I LOVE it.  My father in law built us this beautiful table that we hardly ever use for what it is intended for, which is to eat dinner as a family.   When we were talking about building it the wife and... Continue Reading →

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