You know as parents sometimes you just say something to see what your kids reaction would be?   My Mom would do this to me all the time as a kid  “Did something happen in English class today?” and I would think for a second “how they hell does she know” and I would then say... Continue Reading →

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton

Today marks 41 years of marriage for my parents.  There are lots and lots of lessons in that one tiny sentence.  Yesterday we had a big family dinner with everyone.  All my brothers, sister, wives, boyfriends, kids were there.  The table was so full you barely had enough room to just eat. Every two seconds... Continue Reading →


If you grew up with a sibling close in age I wonder if you were like me.  My brother was always just there, we had the same friends and my only escape from him was that whatever he liked I would hate.  Like for example, dogs.  He loved them so much I naturally hated them.  ... Continue Reading →

Dance Party

Every week my god daughter comes and hangs at my house.  When she was first born we watched her every Saturday, first for a few hours, then for a full day.  It was fun, but super stressful for my house.  My kids were growing and needed to be in a million different places and Saturday... Continue Reading →

Red Umbrella

Okay, I think I am finally ready to write about this… I talk a ton about small, little events that affect me.  Simple things like tags on a t shirt, or listening to a song in the car with the kids.  I show how all these little things become the memories we shares, become our... Continue Reading →

Love travels

I think about the saying "I"ll follow you to the ends of the earth" a lot. As I sit here at a cheerleading competition today all by myself. The oldest daughter has a ballet show coming up so the wife needed to be there, so I'm the cheer Dad today. Not my idea of a... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl x 2

This upcoming weekend is like the Super Bowl of weekends for my family.  We have a cheer competition all day Saturday and a Ballet show all day Sunday.  Kids will be a nightmare, wife will be crazy, dog will wonder why there is so much yelling, house will be a mess, doors will be slammed, hair brushes... Continue Reading →

Baby Alice

This is going to sound awful, but hear me out.  My favorite sound in the world right now is the sound of my little baby niece Alice crying.  The sound is absolutely breathtaking to me.  She is the spitting image of my oldest when she was a baby, and seeing her brings me right back... Continue Reading →

Spoonful of Happy Tears

My oldest daughter Meghan is in a ballet coming up for her dance studio called Mary Poppins.  Every year they do this really cool thing before the ballet where the older kids in the ballet, or the feature roles or whatever you would call it, get dressed up in costume and the little kids at... Continue Reading →

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