Cards and Death Penalties

Couple really cool things happened this weekend for me.  On Saturday we had an incredibly lazy day.  Sweatpants all day, one of those “did I even brush my teeth?” kind of days…. Oldest daughter actually went out after dinner for a bit, leaving the wife on the couch to watch a few Hallmark movies and... Continue Reading →

Fist Bumps

For as long as I can remember, the kids and I will fist bump each other when we are walking past one another.  It all started a long time ago, back when the kids were in car seats facing the rear of the car.  I would be driving and if I didn’t hear from them... Continue Reading →


My youngest daughter Kiley, who is 11, asks me about God all the time.  Do I believe? If I do, how do I know?  I try to be as honest as I can with my kids.  My wife really pushes honesty with them; she parents in a very open style.  I am a little more “hide... Continue Reading →

The Nurse

When I was super young my Mom was a nurse at a hospital, working night shifts and weird hours.  Then she would be up with me and my brother in the morning.  Looking back now I have absolutely no clue when she ever slept.  As my brother and I got to be school aged though my Mom switched from a... Continue Reading →

Steamy Stanton

  If you know me, you know I iron every piece of clothing I own before I wear it.  The wife and kids, and most normal people fluff their stuff in the dryer for a few minutes and look completely normal.  For me, I just can’t.  It is definitely something mental, a part of my daily routine.... Continue Reading →

Mr. Fix It

The word "In-Law’s” probably elicits some type of emotional response.  In tv, movies and such the in-laws are always these annoying people who you have to “deal” with once in a while.  I’m sure in real life for most, in-laws are great.   Or, if they are not, maybe you live far enough away that the... Continue Reading →

The table

Recently, we added a new room on our house and redid the kitchen.  I LOVE it.  My father in law built us this beautiful table that we hardly ever use for what it is intended for, which is to eat dinner as a family.   When we were talking about building it the wife and... Continue Reading →


My wife’s family is small and big at the same time.   She only has a few aunts and uncles, but she has a million cousins, 2nd cousins, Aunts who are really 3rd cousins…  It is actually a little confusing from the outside.  But, they are really close.  The labels might be screwed up, but... Continue Reading →

Quick Update on Therapy

Just a quick follow up post to my “therapy” blog I posted a few days ago.  I texted my friend sort of out of the blue asking if I could talk about her story and she was cool with it.  Then a few hours later she texted back that she made something for my oldest... Continue Reading →

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