If you know my writing at all or have seen me talk about traditions you will know that my oldest daughter and I watch Survivor together.   Have for years.   It’s our thing.  We love it.  Gives us an excuse to eat 2 bags of the movie theater butter popcorn and lay of the... Continue Reading →


My youngest daughter was packing for a cheerleading trip to Atlantic City and she asked me to list off some stuff that wasn't clothes related that she could check to make sure she packed. I started with phone charger, pillow, hairbrush, and she would reply back yup, got it. Then I said "Oh, and if... Continue Reading →

14 Year Old President

My oldest is at a really cool age right now where she questions everything and is super passionate about politics and government.  Last week I got an angry text from her about Trump, about the wall and how mad she is that it is even something being considered.  Safe to say she isn’t all that happy with the news at this... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve

I write a lot about traditions, some big and some small So, it’s only fitting I write something about my favorite one of all   Christmas Eve is a night I love with all my heart So much so, I don’t even know where to start   When you arrive you are greeted with Kenny G... Continue Reading →


Cleaning out my car in preparation for returning it to the dealership is not always my favorite time.  The car ends up with so much crap in it from the kids different events.   Everything from a comb to boxing gloves to jumper cables has to be taken out of the car.  When I get... Continue Reading →


Spotify has this playlist that popped up recently called “Your Top Songs 2018” which I thought was pretty cool.   We have a family account, but we all have individual accounts within that, similar to Netflix.  So, I create my own playlists and kids do theirs so I’m not listening to the latest Cardi B... Continue Reading →

Varsity Blues

My oldest is a freshman in high school.  She’s WAY WAY smarter than me.   She takes all these honors classes at school and if she isn’t at her dance class she is at her desk studying.   Last night we were talking about World War I and I was secretly googling stuff so I... Continue Reading →

Punching bag

As a Dad of two “performers” I have struggled to find where I fit in this part of their lives.  The stage scares me; I prefer writing to performing, so being on a stage would be the last place you would ever find me.   My kids are really good at what they do, one being a... Continue Reading →


I do the laundry in my house.  I do this not because my wife used to do it and she deserved a break, I do it selfishly because I want to be make sure my clothes are ready for when I need them.  I want to fold them a certain way, I know, I’m weird,... Continue Reading →

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