One Sentence

Yesterday my wife was filling out a profile for her work and was asked this “tell me one interesting thing about you?”  I thought about it and didn’t have a quick easy thing to say.  What would I say about myself and why could I not think of something to say about my wife? When... Continue Reading →

Barry Ellis

This one should be a quick story.  Sara Bareilles is a super famous singer.  My wife and I have really liked her music for a long time.  And when my oldest was born the CD in the car was Sara Bareilles so we heard the songs on her first CD called Little Voice approximately 8,500... Continue Reading →

2nd Child

My youngest daughter asked me all the time in these stories “why do you say ‘my wife’ or ‘my kids’ instead of using our names.  I would tell her that it was because I was trying to keep them protected, that they never asked to be in my stories and I wasn’t sure I had... Continue Reading →

Sing From Your Toes

My kids are stage performers.  They aren’t soccer players or baseball players; they are singers, dancers, cheerleaders, and actresses.   It’s a world I am still in complete awe of.   They LOVE the stage.  My youngest is a mess leading up to a cheer performance.  The morning of she and my wife basically scream at each... Continue Reading →

The Old Sweatshirt

I've been thinking lately about my favorite sweatshirt that I own currently.  It is this navy blue quarter zip that I have had for years.  I’m not sure when it became my favorite, when it became the sweatshirt that I would bring everywhere, first to be packed for a trip, always making its way into... Continue Reading →


Today, I’m going to write about Neil Young. Okay, so like most of my stories it will probably be more about me than Neil Young, but let's at least start with him. If you are familiar with music I’m sure you have heard of him.  I first heard of him when he did an album... Continue Reading →

Toy Story

The wife and I got to do something really cool last week and show our kids another memory of Us.  We got to show them how “we” started. If you have ever been to Disney you know it is a pretty cool place.  Obviously it costs a billion dollars, but if you are doing it... Continue Reading →

The Muddy Moose

Let me try and set the scene for you.  It is winter 2003, I’m 23 and my friends and I decide to rent a house in North Conway, New Hampshire for the weekend.  When we planned this weekend my wife and I were ready to just drink lots and lots and hang out.  But, we... Continue Reading →

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