Steamy Stanton

  If you know me, you know I iron every piece of clothing I own before I wear it.  The wife and kids, and most normal people fluff their stuff in the dryer for a few minutes and look completely normal.  For me, I just can’t.  It is definitely something mental, a part of my daily routine.... Continue Reading →

Mr. Fix It

The word "In-Law’s” probably elicits some type of emotional response.  In tv, movies and such the in-laws are always these annoying people who you have to “deal” with once in a while.  I’m sure in real life for most, in-laws are great.   Or, if they are not, maybe you live far enough away that the... Continue Reading →

The table

Recently, we added a new room on our house and redid the kitchen.  I LOVE it.  My father in law built us this beautiful table that we hardly ever use for what it is intended for, which is to eat dinner as a family.   When we were talking about building it the wife and... Continue Reading →


My wife’s family is small and big at the same time.   She only has a few aunts and uncles, but she has a million cousins, 2nd cousins, Aunts who are really 3rd cousins…  It is actually a little confusing from the outside.  But, they are really close.  The labels might be screwed up, but... Continue Reading →

Quick Update on Therapy

Just a quick follow up post to my “therapy” blog I posted a few days ago.  I texted my friend sort of out of the blue asking if I could talk about her story and she was cool with it.  Then a few hours later she texted back that she made something for my oldest... Continue Reading →


A few years ago (maybe 10 at this point) my wife and I were headed in opposite directions.  She was raising a family and I was still in party mode.  The wife mentioned going to therapy to work some things out.  My first reaction was HELL NO, I’M PERFECT AND YOU ARE BROKEN AND THERAPY... Continue Reading →

Poop Saturday

The US calendar has lots of Monday Holidays.  I love Monday Holidays!  An extra day off work, or for me, an extra day in the yard to get stuff done and an extra day to yell at the kids to clean their rooms. A few years ago, on Martin Luther King Jr Day, I was... Continue Reading →

Drive with your knees

My extended family is incredibly large.  I have something like 20 aunts and uncles on each one of my parent’s sides of the family.  That includes “real” aunts and uncles and the ones who married into one of these crazy families.   I remember when we were planning, or should I say, my wife was... Continue Reading →


Recently, my wife downloaded an app on our family cell phones where it can track where you are, can send messages, alerts and things like that.  I found myself checking it and calling her to see “why are you in Rockland?”  She mentioned something about her work, but it really made me angry.  I was... Continue Reading →

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