Music is a funny thing.   It can bring your mind right back to a specific time in your life.  You can remember what you were wearing, who you were with.  The older I get the more I listen to the music that I thought my parents were dorks for listening to when I was growing … Continue reading Stay

Serenity Now

A couple years ago, I decided to change my outlook on life wherever possible. I was incredibly negative about almost everything, probably just an awful person to be around. I did the therapy thing, and it would help me for a day or two but then I would slip back into just being a negative … Continue reading Serenity Now


When you are an 8 year old kid, you want to be 10 to be able to play baseball. When you are 13 you want to be 16 to drive, and 18 you want to be 21 to drink (legally). Then everyone tells you it is all downhill from there. Work till your dead....I don’t … Continue reading Stages