The Art Studio

Every couple of weeks, my kids and I would sit together and draw pictures that we would sell at our pretend art studio. No picture was thrown away, even if you were not proud of it, it was YOUR work, so we sold it. We would color and fight about the Open/Close Sign and who’s turn it was to make it and also who’s turn it was to be the first customer. Two of us would work while the other person would be the customer.

We would make up stories of who we are and who we would be buying the art for. Lots of funny names and stories were told. We would have a few laughs and then the store would be closed until the inspiration would hit us again a few weeks later.

To my kids this may be something they look back at and think “Dad was a goofball” or “that was fun”, but to me it means SO MUCH more.

During these hours at the at art store I learned what being a DAD really meant. I went from babysitting these two beautiful people to being a man deserving of the title “Dad”.

Some think you have a child and you become SuperDad overnight. It wasn’t like that for me. I was still a selfish guy, always out for myself. I needed to open my heart and spending time at the art store helped me do this. It helped me get to know the crazy personalities of my two little girls. I have thought long and hard about happened at the art store that made it so I finally felt like a Dad. Was it something they said? Was it a look I got from my youngest? I thought maybe it was magic, or even God giving me a sign. But this isn’t a movie, it was none of those things.

Then it all made sense. Art was such and important part of my children’s lives because of their great grandmother, Nene. Nene would draw with my kids and she would write them stories and poems. They connected with Nene thru art, and now I have done the same!

Nene’s art is all over the world by now. She has drawn pictures of everything you can think of. Lots of her art still hangs in my house. But the best gift she gave to me was helping a father create a life long bond with his two daughters and for that I will forever be grateful. I’m no Picasso like she was, in fact lots of my pictures are stick figures or just random colors on a sheet of paper, but each time we sell a piece of art or crack a smile at a funny joke or name someone used when shopping at the art studio I think of Nene and it makes me happy. She was bigger than life to a lot of us and I’m just happy I still get to see her when the kids ask if MKM Studio’s will be open tonight.

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