Make traditions…they are good for your soul.

Each Week my 13 year old daughter and I watch Survivor together. We make the movie theater butter popcorn, put our phones away, and just stare at the TV. The show is predicable, we know all the moves, and mostly we know who’s going to tribal council before it happens because of who they are showing the most on the TV, because we have been doing this for 8 years. I’ll ask her how her day was, and she let’s me know how she is doing. Sometimes we get deep with whatever the end of the world is to a 13 year old, but lots of times it is just us being together. It’s really my only chance of the week to get an hour with her.

Someday soon, she will have something else she wants to do, and I won’t be mad or disappointed when it happens, because I know that at some point I was too cool to play hockey in the basement with my Dad. I just hope that she looks back on the time the same as I do with my Dad. I just remember he was always there if I needed him.

This school year has actually helped create another tradition. This one with my 10 year old, because the wife and oldest have dancing until very late one night a week. So I am responsible for the entire night with the 10 year old. From dinner, homework, cheer practice, stop at the candy store, to bed. It’s just her and I. It has become my favorite night of the week with her. I get to do the same stuff I do with the 13 year old on Survivor night. Just letting her know I’m here. Sometimes is just a regular night and sometimes we are discussing how she will take over the world.

I get to see separately, away from their Mom or sister, who these kids are. They let me into their worlds. I love seeing them both grow up. I love watching them forge their own paths, and I really love that once a week each of them let me sit in the front seat and enjoy the view.

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