No Typical Day

Life can take you in the strangest of places. Take an inventory right now of all the places you have been. Even if you feel like it’s not as much as others, I bet it’s more than you think. From a wedding in Costa Rica, a hospital visit on Christmas, to a trip to Oakland to watch a Raiders game, life isn’t always that boring.

This weekend, or as I type this, I’m on a plane to Orlando to watch my little girl compete in a cheerleading competition against some of the best cheerleaders this earth has on it. My two cousins are on that list. They are unreal. Each time I get to watch them it’s like nothing I have ever seen. It’s incredibly athletic, and this from a guy who didn’t even think cheerleading was a sport until just a few years ago!

I’ve been to Disney a ton of times. My wife and I have gone there every few years, even before we had kids. So, going to Disney isn’t really a dream trip anymore. But, this time is different. My daughter earned her way here. She hasn’t slept in days just thinking about going. And the best part for me is her knowing SHE brought us here. Her hard work is why we are in “the happiest place on earth”. This wasn’t a trip planned by Mom and Dad. This was because my little girl and her cheerleading team forced us to go here by earning a spot. Do we have a million dollars to spend while here? Not even close, did we just put flights on a credit card to go, your damn right we did! Seeing the look on her face hanging with the best cheerleaders will be worth every penny spent.

We also get a chance to see Disney thru the eyes of a 2 year old as my beautiful, kickass goddaughter has decided to come. Well, I think her mom, my sister, probably made those plans, but when I tell her story many years from now I’ll tell her she asked to go so many times her Mom had to say yes!

So, while I’ve traveled to Disney many times, I get to see it thru the eyes of a 2 year old who is going to lose her mind seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time in real life. And I get to see my awesome, determined 11 year old hit that stage with all the confidence in the world cause she earned this trip. All the smiles, all the memories are built on her work.

So, while traveling can be boring and not every trip is the once in a lifetime moment, remember that all those trips add up to something special. It’s like building a house. Not every piece is the granite countertops or the big screen tv. There’s lots of wood and screws and insulation that makes the house into what it is.

So, remember to enjoy the small things. The trips 10 minutes down the road to eat a meal with the in-laws. There’s something special in those times. Don’t get lost in thinking about those big trips. Remember all the little ones, sometimes if you really think about it the big trips are so few and far between. The people you go with travel in and out of your lives. It’s when you look at a little trip or moment and realize these are the BIG ones. These are the ones I will remember.

My little girl is bringing me to Disney. How many people get to say that? I’m an incredibly lucky guy.

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