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Barry Ellis

This one should be a quick story.  Sara Bareilles is a super famous singer.  My wife and I have really liked her music for a long time.  And when my oldest was born the CD in the car was Sara Bareilles so we heard the songs on her first CD called Little Voice approximately 8,500 times.  She has a really good voice and my kids end up loving lots of her songs.

Anyway, a couple years ago when the Song Brave by her came out it was played on the radio a million times.  If you know the artist you would definitely know the song.  One time while it was on and the kids were either in a fight or just in crap moods I tried to make them smile with one of my dumb facts to see if they would believe me. So, I tell them the name of the artist who sings the song is actually Barry Ellis and the song is called Brave Sara.  They obviously don’t believe me at first but I really try to sell it to them that I am telling the truth.  They say that it is a girl singing, but I tell them her name is Barry Ellis, which I think they do end of believing.

Every time the song would come on I would say how much I loved Barry Ellis.  Dumb, I know, but the kids seemed to enjoy this little game and letting me think that I was tricking them.  Each time she would come out with a new song I would say the Title is “She Used To Be Mine, Sara” by Barry Ellis.    Just adding Sara to the title of the song and removing it from the artist name.

To the point now where my youngest Kiley will yell before I get the chance “Look Dad, Barry Ellis is on the radio”.  We all get a little laugh, and a small little moment of connection.

That’s all I’m ever looking for with the kids.  As many small little connections as I can make.   When they are old someday I want them to think of me and just smile.  I won’t be a person who changed the Universe.  I won’t be someone famous, or someone rich.  I just want to be a person that when they think of me they smile.  I don’t want to be there whole world.  I want them to meet people and invest in people that challenge them, that make them better people.  I just want to be along for the ride as long I can.

Our lives are just a series of small connections.  Connect, invest and grow your tribe.

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