Adventures of Me

Quick Update on Therapy

Just a quick follow up post to my “therapy” blog I posted a few days ago.  I texted my friend sort of out of the blue asking if I could talk about her story and she was cool with it.  Then a few hours later she texted back that she made something for my oldest daughter a few weeks back and was planning on giving it to her tonight at a drama tryout for the high school.  My daughter did not end up trying out because her schedule is packed with dance this year, so my friend ended up just dropping it off at the house.

I just thought it was such a cool coincidence that on the day I was writing about her she had a gift for my daughter.  I think the world is a pretty cool place sometimes.  Everything could be upside down and then you get these small reminders that there are AWESOME people in this world.

Anyway, if you have read anything about me before you know I have a saying with the kids whenever they are completing in something or performing something on stage.  Just something I have said to maybe calm them down, something to remind them that I have no idea how they do what they do.

Oh yeah, as if you needed confirmation, I cried, just a little…

Keep putting your positive energy into this world. Sometimes, in the coolest of ways, the world rewards you.

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