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Cards and Death Penalties

Couple really cool things happened this weekend for me.  On Saturday we had an incredibly lazy day.  Sweatpants all day, one of those “did I even brush my teeth?” kind of days….

Oldest daughter actually went out after dinner for a bit, leaving the wife on the couch to watch a few Hallmark movies and my youngest and I to play a game of cards.   We choose WAR, because neither of us wanted to do any thinking.  But, we had a really good time.  Making fun of each other when we would win a hand, and jumping for joy when we would steal an Ace when a war broke out…

The youngest retreated to her room after the battle and emerged a few minutes later saying she had a story she wrote and she wanted us to read it.  It was a really cool story, just about how she felt about her family.  Obviously I teared up a bit, cause that’s what I do.  Was a great way to end a lazy day.

The next day we had a dance competition to attend for my oldest daughter.  The opposite of the previous “do nothing” day, driving far, watching her live out her current dream, and driving home.  A long day for a 3 minute dance.  Sometimes you forget all the hours she and her team puts into a performance. So the hours we drive really are nothing compared to all the work done to get to that point.  We got home late and the youngest went to bed along with the wife.  My oldest had homework to do, and I had a football to watch.  

All the voting commercials must have got my 14 year olds attention and she started asking questions.  She asked me if she was a Democrat did that mean she had to be Anti- Death penalty.  Or if she was a Republican did that mean she had to love guns.  I stumbled through a response about how she shouldn’t be either; she should take each issue and use her own experience or thoughts to judge how to feel.  How those feelings can change based on life experience, and how she should embrace those changes.  Our talks can get really deep; she gets thoughts out of me that I don’t typically share.  I talked about my pro-life grandfather and the guilt I carry for being for abortion now.  She talks death penalty and why she is against it.  I give her my thoughts on it, which happen to opposite, but she really makes me think.  For 10 minutes late on a Sunday night we have a really awesome talk about some really interesting, life changing things.  

I LOVE THESE TALKS, I love having to think before I speak.  I love being reminded that my words are important.  I love that responsibility.  But, I also really, really love laughing and acting like a complete fool playing a card game with someone who reminds me how cool it is to be a kid.  

My tribe completes me in many ways. They never let me be just a balding boring Dad for too long.  They challenge me, they change me, and they make me appreciate the smallest of moments together.  

The last couple of days I have been in a bit of fog.  A bit of a “woe is me” feeling.  Then I think of a weekend like that and I can’t get the smile off my face.  As I always say, I’m a lucky guy.  Lean on those memories when you need them.  For me, my tribe gives me lots to be thankful for.

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