There’s always towels

This is a comedy podcast I like a lot, but this little minute and a half clip perfectly sums up a house… there is so much truth in here, truth we forget or take for granted.

I know I take lots for granted and I know I get pissed when I feel like I’m carrying more weight than others in the house. I think it’s because I forget all the stuff I’m not seeing. I’ve never paid a house bill, I have no idea how to do that, but I’ve never turned on the heat and it didn’t turn on or the lights. Only time that happens I replace a bulb, I couldn’t even tell you the company we use for electricity!

Makes me appreciate all that work my parents did growing up. All those times I threw my clothes on the floor and when I got home they were washed and folded on my bed. Makes me regret being pissed about having to put the clothes “away” in my dresser.

There are a million examples of your tribe working hard and taking care of you even when you didn’t deserve it or care for the help. It’s so easy to lose sight of all that work that is being done right in front of your face.

Showing gratitude towards those people is the easiest thing on the planet. So tonight, give that person a hug or a thank you. Takes no effort but sometimes your tribe might need that reminder.

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