Dog life

The Window

A pane of glass is all that separates him from the outside world.  He waits patiently as his roommates wake from their slumber and frantically rush around the house, bumping into each other and fighting over who gets to splash water all over themselves first.  They quickly eat something, but there are never breakfast scraps left for him.  He knows his real chance at the good stuff will come hours later at dinner time.  When he sees that blond, beautiful girl get out of bed he knows his time to watch over the house is almost here.  Her bed perfectly sits near his favorite window, which has a view to the outside world, and a perfect seat to wait to test his vocal cords when that damn, strange man wearing this silly blue outfit comes and walks up HIS stairs and stays on the front steps just a few seconds longer than he likes.

He has a few other spots in the house, but none compare to that window.  When the bald man sips his coffee and sits at the kitchen table all day staring at a computer screen he sits by the back door, waiting for that man to sneak open the fridge where he knows that his reward for his secrecy is a nice piece of cheese.   Or, when that little girl leaves her bedroom and sits on the couch he likes to snuggle next to her.  She has that way of just letting him be, never pushing him to the other side of the couch no matter how close he gets.  She’s very comfortable with him and he guesses it’s probably because they have grown up together, well, she grew way taller than him, something he still doesn’t understand.  How come the beautiful smaller ones grow so tall but the bald guy only seems to grow in his belly?

When the last of these creatures leaves his world he knows he has hours and hours of peace and quiet.  He takes one last sip from his water bowl and starts his job at his guard station.  He jumps on the bed, does a few circles and plops down in his “spot”.  At this point, he is not even sure why he does the circles, but maybe it’s a superstition, like he did it once and there were no incidents on his watch, the house stayed unharmed and the creatures came home and showered him with treats so he just does the circles now as a habit.  Like that baseball player who kept touching his hat before he stepped into the batters circle.

He notices that his window is a bit dirty, apparently no one cleaned it since his last shift, so he licks the window to make sure he has the perfect view.  He stretches and gets ready to protect.  He treats every car that drives down the street as if there are a bunch of those creatures that are going to try and come into the house and take from him.  He warns them with a few very very loud barks that can be heard for at least a hundred miles he thinks.  If they dare get out the car and walk up the front stairs he takes his spot at the front door and unleashes hell, barks so loud that whatever god you believe it can hear it all the way up in doggy heaven.

When the older woman arrives home he barks at her as well,  He gives her the same warnings that all the cars get, but once he sees that familiar face he runs to that front door again and waits to jump up and say hi.  When that bald guy pulls down the street he stays quiet.  Him and that bald man have this weird connection that he respects.  He stays at his spot in the window while the bald man gathers all his things from the car and he waits until the door opens before running to be right near his feet and almost tripping him as he enters the door.  He doesn’t make a sound when the bald man is outside, all others get the full ferocious barking treatment, but the bald man expects quiet so being a good soldier that is what he gives.

As  the day draws to a close and his job is close to over he sits and waits for the bald man to be ready to go to bed.  He waits for the bald man to get comfortable and then he leaps on the bed, crowding that beautiful woman who is always sleeping next to him.  He relaxes and puts his face as close to that weird machine blowing freezing cold air into that room.  As the creatures all drift off to sleep he knows his night duty has started.  He slowly drifts off, but keeps one ear open, knowing that if that ear hears a sound he will set off his alarm.  He smiles as the creatures sleep as he knows he did his job that day.  He drifts off into a dream and just as that big piece of steak hits his mouth he is awaken by the bald man kicking him and telling him to move so he can steal some more of the covers.

He smiles cause he knows that bald man loves him.  He knows that together him and bald man will protect those pretty women in their world.  He smiles cause he knows that smallest of the women will most definitely leave some crumbs of food in her room overnight that he can steal in the morning.  If he eats it all than the bald man won’t even know and won’t even be mad at that little girl.




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