Twas the night before Christmas and we gathered at our favorite place

And watched Uncle Colin shove shrimp into his face

Lobsters danced in the kitchen while the steaks marinated

The wine and the beer won’t stay very refrigerated


The house was filled with pretty little girls in their dresses and shoes

Uncle Mark will brag about his upcoming sleeve tattoos

Auntie Jill will threaten to sing opera songs

If only Auntie Kathy was here to  help sing along


This year we are graced with Pat and Tony

And pretty soon Jill and Troy will live in matrimony

Don’t say we didn’t warn you Troy once or twice

But you wouldn’t listen to our words of advice

Alice, Meghan, Maya and Kiley wanted to speed thru all the events

So they could open all of the presents


To Dad and Mom, or Bupa and Mammie

You have built such a wonderful family

The magic of Christmas we all got from you

A house that Santa and his reindeer always loved to come to


Tonight it’s never about the food or booze

It’s the people we share it with that brightens our moods

So, raise your drink and toast with your glass

And Yes Maya, I can kick Troy’s ass







Merry Christmas! Let’s eat

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