Best Days…

In my new journal the prompt today was “describe the best day of your life so far”.  A simple task for most, a birthday, a wedding, a birth, or some other big giant event.  But I’ll bet if you’ve read even half a story of mine you know this would never be something like that for me.  My “bests” change so frequently, the kids don’t even take me remotely seriously when I tell them about the newest, best song.  Or, the funniest thing I’ve seen.  They know, next week these opinions will change.  I will fall in love with some new show or song, or whatever the hell else I decide is the “greatest thing of all time”.

If you have read anything of mine, you know I work in how lucky I am, how the littlest thing to me is spun into this life changing big giant thing.   It’s how I feel, it’s how I write, Idon’t see that changing with this question of my best day.  So, you know, my favorite day of my entire life was last Sunday.

I woke up early to help my oldest daughter for her last fundraising car wash ever for her dance team.  I’ve done this now every year since she was a freshman and I actually enjoy helping out with it.  I mean, do almost nothing for it.  I show up, help organize a bit and spray down the cars with a hose.   This year though, a girl on her dance team lost her boyfriend to cancer just a few days prior.  A 17-year-old boy who was to graduate with my daughter this year.  Heartbreaking.  So, I didn’t know what to expect.  It had been a rough few days for the girls, and a much much rougher couple years for their teammate.   I thought about this being a sad day, but those girls let loose.  Blasting music, dancing, and fighting with the soap and water.  Soaked and smiling.  And their teammate brought her boyfriend’s car thru the carwash along with his parents.  A little, tiny bit of normalcy is an unimaginable time for them.  Their coach came to the car wash and got to see all the girls just being silly.   It was honestly a beautiful site to witness.  

We did a quick lunch after it was over and then my oldest left for work while my youngest and I napped on the couch for a few hours.  We slowly regained consciousness and went out for a little shopping and to pick out some sushi for dinner a little later on.  I love going literally anywhere with my youngest daughter.  I’ll never be able to really explain it, but I LOVE her company.  She’s easy going, and never misses a chance to make fun of me, and she has this innate ability as we walk out of a store to know exactly who in the store had that awful b.o. that I couldn’t place. We have the weirdest conversations and I love that about us.  

We napped a bit more as we waited for the oldest to be done with work so we could eat our sushi and get ready to watch a movie.  We chatted a little about the day, about how we all really liked it, and we settled in for the movie.   I picked Almost Famous to watch.  I love that movie, and I knew the kids would to.   We were glued to the screen the entire time.   As it finished,I peaked over and neither of them were sleeping, so I thought maybe that was a good sign and as the credits rolled, they both said they loved it.  I knew they did, because in one of the famous scenes of the movie the song “Tiny Dancer” comes on and they both started singing the words even before the characters in the movie started to.  They love that song, but I guess, who doesn’t?  

We turned off the movie and all went drifted to our rooms to fall asleep. I walked upstairs to my room with a big smile on my face. As Ice Cube said so famously “Today was a good day”. And, as I lay in bed I thought about my wife, some 3000 miles away in California hugging her new nephew Myles. I could see it in her face when we facetimed, and I could hear it in her voice. She was in love with him. I was so incredibly happy for her. I hadn’t seen that sparkle in her eye in a minute. She was complete in so many ways just by holding that little boy. And I fell just a little more in love with her.

So, when I say that last Sunday was my favorite day of my life, I mean it. But I know my next favorite day is right around the corner. And I won’t see it coming. I’ll be resting my head on the pillow with a big smile and laughing about how I had another “best day of my life”. Forever and always blessed that somehow, someone, convinced my girls and my beautiful wife to let me hang around this long.

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