A poem for my baby girl on her special day

A Sweet Sixteen wish for you I will say

As I look back and wonder where all the time went 

I’m puzzled and my brain is completely spent

But I’m smiling from ear to ear thinking of all the memories we share

From swearing car rides to marching in the rain without a care

You aren’t that little girl I remember so well

The girl who couldn’t tie her own shoes or spell

You are beautiful and smart and funny and caring

And your need for your Dad is slowly disappearing

You cheer and you cut hair and you are constantly questioning everything 

I’m just happy you finally stopped the bed wetting 

It appears I have run out of rhymes because I made up that last line 

But I am very happy I get to watch you grow and shine

You’re 16 now and you will hate listening to your Dad for the next few years, maybe even a decade

But, I’ll be right here watching and waiting and my love for you will never be frayed

I will love you forever for just who you are 

My Kiley, my Boots, my favorite cheer star

A silly little poem really doesn’t do justice to what you mean to me.  

The luckiest man in the world to be your Dad I will always be.

Wow, I really rhyme like I’m a 6th grade English class student…. Anyway, Kiley, I love you. Keep being exactly who you are. Being your Dad is always my greatest joy. I could write a million words but none would exactly fit to tell the story of you. Your heart is pure and your curiosity is going to take you far in this world. I’m just happy I get to be a part of whatever story you will one day write. Happy 16th Birthday Kiley!

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