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Hannah Montana Movie


The most embarrassing cry of my life happened at a movie theater with my wife and kids sitting next to me. I went to this movie thinking about the money I just wasted seeing this movie in the theater that I know we are going to buy on DVD and watch a billion times anyway once it comes out. I left with my daughters laughing at me like I fell down a flight of stairs in front of them or something.

The year was 2009, Obama was in office, Sully landed a plane in the Hudson River, and The King of Pop Died. Sorry for that last part, just stating facts. My daughters were five and three. Hannah Montana was HUGE and there were a few trailers and it looked like they were going to reveal to the world that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus were the same person. This was Clark Kent and Superman, Einhorn and Finkle type stuff.

The movie was great. Billy Ray Cyrus was in it. The acting was magical. Towards the end of the movie a song comes on called “Butterfly Fly Away”.

The chords kick in and I start to feel the heart skip a beat. Miley does her thing and CRUSHES the first verse. Then my boy Billy Ray joins in, the first tears start. My youngest sees this, whispers to the oldest and they are both staring at me. Then I start paying attention to the words. The songs about a girl and her telling her Dad how much she loves him, how much she appreciates all his work and his sacrifices, and my kids are laughing so hard it starts to feel like they aren’t listening to the beautiful song anymore… yikes…

They bring their Mom into the mix. I’m crying tears and they are laughing tears. After the movie ended I had to let all the people out before me because I needed to collect myself, just an awful scene…

It’s been nine years since we saw that movie. Every time my kids meet a new kid or even an adult they say “don’t be scared of my Dad, he cried at a Hannah Montana movie”.

Last week my daughter played the song in the car and I WEEPED. I think Billy and Miley are my kryptonite.


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