Dad of girls

Steamy Stanton


If you know me, you know I iron every piece of clothing I own before I wear it.  The wife and kids, and most normal people fluff their stuff in the dryer for a few minutes and look completely normal.  For me, I just can’t.  It is definitely something mental, a part of my daily routine.   The kids joke that I probably iron my underwear.  I’ll let you decide if you think I would do that.

A few years ago, I got a super awesome gift for Christmas.  I received a portable steamer.   I was PUMPED.  A way to iron without having to really work at it, I was all in.  



Because I was going to use this EVERY DAY for the rest of my life we ended up leaving it upstairs in the kitchen where I do most of my ironing.   I would steam a shirt and then leave it sitting on the hanger until the next morning when I would wear it to work. 

One day my oldest, who was probably 11 at the time wheeled the steamer into the living room where we were all hanging out and said she was going to the dance with it.  She danced a little in the living room with him, who was then named Steamy Stanton.  

While she was dancing I started to sing a song.

Steamy Stanton

Steamy Stanton

Your birthday is Christmas 

Your Birthday is Christmas

You’re made with hoses 

And filled with water

Steamy Stanton 

Steamy Stanton

I think at the time we had Mary Poppins on or something, because it is sang in that FEED THE BIRDS, FEED THE BIRDS cadence.   We got a few laughs about it, actually, lots of laughs.  We could not shake the song out of our heads for days.  

The steamer actually was a really crappy product.  It didn’t really work the way I thought it would, so I stored it in the basement and forgot about it.  But, every few weeks or even months something would remind us of it and we would sing that stupid song again for a few days, squeezing a few more laughs out of the joke.

This past weekend my family had a GREAT weekend.  Minus one little hiccup for my youngest, but she learned a super valuable lesson about friendship, so we will look back at it in a positive light I am sure.  And, she was asked “out” by a boy and she said “NO”.   This made me VERY happy.   Not that she said no, just that she had the power to say no.  My oldest went to a HIGH SCHOOL dance with her friends, probably a small moment in her life, but a pretty cool one for her Mom and Dad.   On Friday though, she tried out for a ballet show and was cast as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins.   A moment that definitely made her Dad cry.  See, she works INCREDIBLE hard at dance, she is super hard on herself there, and to see it pay off in that way really makes me happy.  I’ll definitely write more about this in another story, but the reason I am telling you this is because we watched Mary Poppins on Saturday during the day and it was so cool.  We talked about ideas for the ballet and I cried like I always do, and then the song FEED THE BIRDS came on.  My oldest just started singing STEAMY STANTON, STEAMY STANTON.

It was a silly moment a few years ago for us, but it has provided us with tons more silly moments.  Lots and lots of big things happened this past weekend for my family.   The kids have lots of things to look forward to, lots of milestones they will hit soon.   There were some real adult things happening for the kids this weekend, but I’m glad we had Steamy Stanton to bring us all back to our center a bit. 

All these little memories I write about, and these “dumb” little stories I get to tell actually will be the ones that tell our story.  They will define what our lives were when we were all here together.   All these little memories help me when the big scary stuff starts to happen.  

Big things aren’t as big when you have a million little smiles to lean on.  I love my tribe…


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