My youngest daughter was packing for a cheerleading trip to Atlantic City and she asked me to list off some stuff that wasn’t clothes related that she could check to make sure she packed. I started with phone charger, pillow, hairbrush, and she would reply back yup, got it. Then I said “Oh, and if you plan on swimming make sure you bring a few tampons”. She didn’t skip a beat, said thanks and grabbed some to pack. I never ever ever thought I would say that sentence in my life, but what I loved about it is my daughter didn’t even think it was weird. She didn’t blush when I said it, didn’t say “Dad, you’re so embarrassing” or anything like that. She treated it the same as when I asked her if she had packed a pillow.

Tampons and periods I’m sure are traumatic for girls. I’m sure it’s awkward and strange. I’m sure it makes no sense to them or me, but like anything we go through, we make little jokes about it and then it becomes just part of our lives.

I’ve said many many times I have no idea what I’m doing with my two beautiful, complicated, smart, funny ladies growing up in my house, but it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t know if today involves nothing more than a few passing words or if I’m needed to help solve whatever their biggest problem they’ve ever had is, but it’s what still gets me out of bed everyday.

They make life worth living. I had an awful day at work, layoffs and lots of uncertainty. Jobs are changing and being eliminated and working in that environment isn’t healthy. But then, I get to come home and see life thru a 14 and 12 year old girl eyes and talk about tampons and dance routines and I’ve never been happier.

Find your happiness.

Life is so worth living.

If your kid loves musicals be a Broadway fan. If your kid loves math you better know at least six digits in Pie. If your kid loves baseball, show them Fenway Park.

Invest in your kids, even if it’s tampon talk, something as dumb as that changed my whole day.

Being a Dad is so cool.

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