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RBG… or is that Meg?

“There is a very important first on the Supreme Court this term, and it’s thanks to our new justice, Justice Kavanaugh, whose entire staff is all women. All of his law clerks are women,” she said earlier this month at a event held by Georgetown Law. “And with his four women as law clerks, it’s the first time in the history of the United States that there have been more women clerking at the court than men.”

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

My love for Ruth Bader Ginsburg started earlier this year.  She’s 86 years old, and I just found out how awesome she is.  I always thought she was the old, mean, lady who rich and powerful and never did anything to further our country and liked to keep the status quo.  I know now how wrong I was, or how ignorant I was, but that’s not the point of this story.  The point is, I know now and that’s good enough for me.

My wife and youngest had a cheer competition they were traveling to and my oldest and I were planning our weekend together and she mentioned that she wanted to see that RBG movie that was out.  I thought, whatever, I like “law stuff” so I will check it out.  I was completely blown away.  All my preconceived notions were destroyed.  She is this little old woman now, but she was a fighter, a believer in women’s rights and not even just an advocate, she was a loud voice in the legal system.

I’m so happy my daughter asked to see that movie.  It completely changed me as a person.  Well, my girls have been changing me for years, but this movie really put it over the top for me.  I joke with my girls all the time about how a slow driver “must be a woman” or some other stereotypical joke, but they can see right thru me now.  They know how I really feel inside.

So, when I saw the interview with RBG she recently did the quote above really made me smile.  I immediately sent it to my daughter and I thanked.  I told her she was the one that changed me.  I told her I hated RBG until my daughter changed my mind.  I told her I was proud of her for changing me.  I was educated by a 14 year old.   She told me she was glad to be able to show me what empowering looks like.

I’m lucky I have such a strong little girl who isn’t afraid to stand her ground, isn’t afraid to challenge me, and I’m so happy she changed me.  I’ve said it a million times, but I love just talking to her.  Her world views are completely different than mine.  And I learned that just cause she’s a “know it all 14 year old girl” she actually is extremely powerful.  Her words and actions can make a 39 year old dumb Dad into a women loving feminist, who celebrates when he hears that there are more women working in the Supreme Court than there are men.

I mean how cool is that?  Women are going get us out of this mess that Trump has us in.  Sure, the markets are doing well, but there is way too much hate in this country.  We got to get back to love.  it’s going to be a woman that gets us back.  I truly believe that, and I voted for Trump.  I thought we needed to shake up the government, which I think we turn out to be a positive, but it’s gone to far.  We hate in this country and we need a woman’s touch to get us back to love.

Sorry for the political talk there…

Anyway, I look forward to more and more arguments with my girl.  I love their perspective, not because it is different than mine, but because I love when they believe in something.   I love she got to see me change.  She got to see her words mean something.

Damn, I love being a Dad sometimes.  It’s so rewarding…



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