I got a really nice message from my Mom the other day.  Just a simple message saying how much she loved her grandchildren and how my wife and I did a great job with the kids.  It made my night.  But I will be honest, I hear that type of comment all the time.  My kids are really good humans.   I replied back to my Mom my standard response whenever I hear something like that “they are lucky to have their Mom; she gets all the credit”.  Honestly, I say it, because they are damn lucky.  And, it takes me no effort to give her that credit.  It costs me nothing to say it.  But, do I really believe it?  Do I think she gets should get all the credit for shaping my favorite two humans to walk this earth?  Nah, I don’t.

I’m a really, really fucking good Dad. I might not be good at a lot of things, but I am a GOOD Dad. I try hard every day to make them smile. Sometimes it’s hours of laughs, and sometimes, lots of times, it’s just a quick two second smile before they leave for school or work, or the million other places they must be. Sure, I try to sneak in a lesson or two in between the smiles. I don’t shy away from the big conversations. I’m not afraid of that stuff anymore, like I was in my rookie years of being a Dad.

But I’m not saying any of this to brag. Because, while my story feels unique to me, and I can’t believe this world I found myself in, there are a million more Dads just like me. Dads aren’t the work all day, stop for a beer, and maybe get home to kiss the kids goodnight Dads anymore. Dads are awesome. Just think about your husband, boyfriend, baby daddy. I bet lots of you are smiling just thinking about him with your kids. He has no clue what he’s doing, but you know he’s going to figure it out, and your kids are going to be loved their wholes lives by that moron trying unsuccessfully to put his little girls’ hair in a high pony.

As women moved to the workplace, something happened maybe we never thought about. Men drifted more and more home. They became more of a help with kid pickups and drop-offs and just needed to be around more. It softened us up, more time with those little humans changes a man. We get to see what women have seen for years. These little humans are going to grow into your best friends.

We even have Dads that step up for other “Dads”. Some people call them Step Dads, but who are we kidding, those guys should be called Hero Dads. They choose to love, which is all a kid really “needs”. Love is a powerful thing. Think about that shit. Hero Dads are awesome.

I didn’t have or need a Step Dad in my life. My Dad is the best version of a Dad there is to me. And you know what my favorite thing I ever gave to him is, no, it’s not his grandkids. It’s that he knows how I feel. He gets to read a dumb story by his son and get to a paragraph he wasn’t expecting and listen to his eldest son sing is praises. And, you know, I bet as he is reading this he thinks to himself “He has no clue, his Mom is the reason.”

If you got this far and you are a good Dad, I hope this story made you smile, made you maybe shed a tear thinking about your beautiful little kids.   There’s lots of us out here, lost in poopy diapers, little league practice, dance recitals, graduations, and even weddings.  If you are still in the poopy diaper stage let me tell you, it gets so much better, but someday you are going to miss running out of wipes and having to use an old shirt to wipe your daughter’s ass. 

Being a Dad fucking rules…

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