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Married father of 2 awesome daughters. I have a guitar and a Buddha obsession. I started this blog because writing helps bring a smile to my face. I love getting lost in a story and trying to find my way out. I wanna inspire and be a positive influence on this world somehow.

F*ck You, Thanksgiving

It’s Tuesday night, just a few days before Thanksgiving. My favorite family holiday all year. I love Christmas, July 4th, and all the other “big” days, but something about Thanksgiving just hits […]

Drugs, Man

She sits at the kitchen table, legs crossed at her ankles, face covering her wrinkled face, with no clue when she will get the strength to take her next breath.  Her husband paces […]

My Wife Sucks

A week or so ago my wife was at a friend’s house and her friend was having a bit of an argument with her husband. She turned to my wife and apologized, and my wife said, “for what, I’m fighting […]


The family and I took a vacation to New Hampshire last week.  I’ve been going up there every few years for a long time.  As a kid we went every summer, hit […]