Christmas Eve

I write a lot about traditions, some big and some small

So, it’s only fitting I write something about my favorite one of all


Christmas Eve is a night I love with all my heart

So much so, I don’t even know where to start


When you arrive you are greeted with Kenny G music

The saxophone sounds are quite therapeutic


The Coronas and wine are ready to drink

We cheers to family and the glasses go clink, clink


The good China on the table is out

The lobsters are looked at one last time before they begin to shout


We eat like Kings and Queens or Royalty

We joke and we laugh joyfully


We are graced this year with the newest member of our crew

Alice Marie is lucky she has Meghan, Kiley and Maya to look up to



These girls will grow up to be the best of friends 

For now they are the reasons their family overspends


For Mom and Dad, what can we say

They are the true heroes of the day

The cook, they clean, they fill your glass

They love their oldest son, who is such a bad ass


After dinner the gifts are handed out 

The best gifts are given and bragged about


The Stanton Family has lots to thankful for 

But the best is we are together, who could ask for more


So, raise your glass and toast to another great year

As we sit and wait for Santa and his eight reindeer





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