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What’s the score?

Sunday was a HUGE game for my favorite team in the world.  Hockey is my sport, and the Boston Bruins are my team.  if you don’t know or follow I will catch you up.  They were down three games to two in a best of seven series.  Winner of this moves on to the next round.  You need to win four rounds in the playoffs to win the championship, or the Stanley Cup.

Hockey playoffs are like nothing else on tv for me.  The action is insane and even if my team is not playing I try to watch almost every game.  I sit on the edge of my seat and yell and scream at the t.v.  Sometimes the kids will sit and just watch me watching the games and laugh at how insane I get.

So, Sunday during Easter lots of the family conversations got put on hold as my Dad, a couple Cousins and wives watched the game.  Most didn’t even know there was a game on.  My kids went to their other cousins house down the road to get away from the adults and jump on a trampoline for a bit.  The Bruins ended up winning, so the rest of my Easter was great.   I was in a great mood.

The next morning though, my oldest daughter asked “so, they won last night, is that it?”.  To which I have to tell her this is the first round.  They have to win three more rounds if they win the next game after this to win the championship.  I then get questions like “So they win the Lombardi Trophy if they win?”… No, they win the Stanley Cup.  The best trophy is sports.

It got me wondering.  If I know about plays and ballets and the differences between a contemporary and jazz dance number should they know about my favorite sport in the world.  If I know a team is a J3 level team because they can do front tucks in a routine as opposed to a S2 level team with a back handspring in cheerleading, should they at least know the goalie on my favorite hockey team?

But, I quickly remembered that they are kids.  I remember hating lots of stuff my Dad and Mom liked when I was a kid.  I remember that my Mom knew about everything I was interested in though.  She knew all the GI Joes names and my Dad knew when the music I liked came out and he would buy the CD on the morning it was released.  They were interested in whatever their kids were, probably for the same reasons I learned about cheer bows and jazz shoes.  Just to make sure when the kids need me I am there…. I HATED the music my parents listened to when I was a kid.  And now, it’s almost all I listen to.  I hated that Motown stuff my Grandparents listen to and now it’s my Sunday car ride music.  So, there is hope for The Bruins and my kids.   I probably just need to watch them by myself for a few more years before they start to know what is going on.

Game 7 of the first round is tonight and I can’t even breathe or concentrate on anything else.  I texted the wife at 7 am this morning making sure everyone knew I was in front of the t.v. tonight watching the game and I was not to be interrupted.  The only noise that is allowed in my house tonight is me screaming at my t.v. and the sound of the kids laughing at how ridiculous it is that I can love something as silly as guys skating around a rink trying to put a puck in a net.

Let’s go Bruins… and kids, hurry up and love hockey.







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  1. Aren’t the Bruins playing Toronto? I’m only half watching this year. I think Toronto is the only Canadian team left and its HAAAAARD to root for them because the rest of Canada hates Toronto. So then I’m left with picking my favourite American teams, like the Knights…and Carolina but I chose teams based on silly things like their after game shenanigans and affection for their city. I also hate teams based on silly things too, ha ha, like their goal music or whether or not Sydney Crosby plays on them :p

    I totally agree with you. If you know ALL that stuff about your kid’s different sports -I’m impressed!- they should at least try to learn about hockey. Can you bridge the gap by finding similarities between the two? Are there any? lol


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